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AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71) has been released



Apple released an AirPods Max firmware 4.4, AirPods Max, and AirPods Pro before the end of 2021. In terms of firmware versions, this put all of the wireless headphones on the same page. Apple, on the other hand, appears to be eager to shake things up.

AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71) has been released

AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71)

AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71)

Apple has sent out a firmware upgrade to the third-generation AirPods, as 9to5Mac originally reported today. Firmware version 4C165 was previously installed on the really wireless headphones. The third-generation AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71), thanks to this recent upgrade.

This appears to be the sole firmware version update being given today, as stated in the original article. As of yet, none of the other AirPods headphones are expected to receive an update today. And, as is customary, there are no release notes, so we have no idea what’s new in the third-generation AirPods.

There isn’t a specific means to upgrade the firmware version of the AirPods (or AirPods Pro and/or AirPods Max). When the really wireless headphones are connected to the iPhone, the process is handled immediately, and the updated firmware is available. If you want to force the update, place your AirPods/Pro in the charging case, connect it to a charging source (wireless or wired), and then pair the truly wireless headphones with your iPhone or iPad. That should get the firmware update process started.

However, you may check AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71) at any moment. Simply pair your truly wireless headphones with your AirPods, then go to Settings –> Bluetooth –> I next to your AirPods, and read the number next to “Version.”

After following the steps in that order you should have AirPods Max firmware 4.4 (4E71) has been updated. If not make sure you followed it correctly. Even after that if you could not make it just comment below I am happy to lend a hand. the Latest Security post was written only because a lot of people like you keep supporting me. Have a nice day.

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