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Apple Could Expand iCloud Private Relay iOS 16



in this post Apple Could Expand iCloud Private Relay iOS 16 At the 2021 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced iCloud Private Relay as part of their iCloud+ subscription service. The capability has only been offered to paid iCloud+ subscribers as an opt-in beta feature, but a report claims that when iOS 16 appears at WWDC 2022 later this year, the scope and availability of the feature may change.

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Apple Could Expand iCloud Private Relay iOS 16

Apple Could Expand iCloud Private Relay iOS 16

Apple Could Expand iCloud Private Relay iOS 16

A new rumor from Digiday this week cites information from “many” unknown sources, claiming that iOS 16 would have several privacy enhancements, as well as upgrades to Private Relay. Apple’s concern on privacy, according to Charles Manning, CEO of mobile analytics startup Kochava, referenced in the paper, has a lot to do with Private Relay’s expanding breadth. Apple will, according to the CEO, “rely on Private Relay” to enforce privacy policies. With iOS 16, he believes it will become “an always-on feature for in-app behavior.”

To refresh your memory, iCloud Private Relay allows iCloud+ customers to redirect Safari browser traffic through Apple servers. Users’ IP addresses are hidden online as a result of this. The feature does not operate with third-party apps, which is a huge disadvantage. According to the article, Apple could broaden the feature’s scope to include all third-party apps.

However, the report’s details are vague, and we haven’t seen any further rumors from reputable sources to back up this enhancement in iOS 16. Do you want to utilize iCould Private Relay in conjunction with third-party apps? In the comments section below, tell us why.

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