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Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143 With Bug Fixes and Performance



Apple has published a new version of Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143, the experimental browser that the company first released in March 2016. The Safari Technology Preview was created by Apple to test features that may be included in future Safari releases.

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143. For customers who love using the latest innovations that Apple’s built-in browser for the Mac has to offer, the current version offers the expected rounds of performance improvements and bug fixes.

The most recent version of Safari Technology Preview is an experimental version of Safari for Mac users who have macOS Big Sur or macOS Monterey installed. The preview allows developers and the general public to try out the latest and greatest features of Apple’s browser and submit feedback to the firm before the public version is released at a later date.

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143 With Bug Fixes and Performance

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143

Users using macOS Monterey and macOS Big Sur can now download the latest preview update. Apple has published a number of updates for According to the release notes for Safari Technology Preview 143, Apple has delivered a number of updates for:

1: Web Inspector
2: CSS Container Queries
3: CSS Cascade Layers
4: Subgrid
5: CSS
7: JavaScript
8: Rendering
9: Web Animations
10: SVG
11: Scrolling
12: WebAuthn
13: WebGL
14: HTML
15: Web API
16: Media
17; Accessibility
18; File System Access
19: Web Extensions

Tab Groups, which were added to Safari when macOS Monterey was released last year, do not sync with the current version of Safari Technology Preview, according to Apple.

Web Inspector, CSS Container Queries, CSS Cascade Layers, Subgrid, CSS, JavaScript, Rendering, Web Animations, SVG, Scrolling, WebAuthn, WebGL, HTML, Web API, Media, Accessibility, File System Access, and Web Extensions are all bug fixes and performance improvements in Safari Technology Preview release 143.


Safari 15 features included in macOS Monterey are included in the current Safari Technology Preview version, which is based on the Safari 15.4 update.

Anyone who has downloaded the browser can get the Safari Technology Preview update via the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences. The Safari Technology Preview page has a complete list of the update’s release notes.

You may download Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 143 and try it out for yourself if you want. The release notes for Safari Technology Preview 139 can be found on the Apple Developer website.

Apple’s goal with Safari Technology Preview is to get feedback on its browser development process from developers and users. While developed for developers, Safari Technology Preview may operate alongside the existing Safari browser and does not require a developer account to download.


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