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Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4



Today share Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4, According to John Gruber of Daring Fireball, the Apple Studio Display runs a full version of iOS 15.4. We reported earlier today that the new Apple Studio Display’s camera is having trouble, producing low-quality photos and video, which looks to be a glitch. Apple is already aware of the problem and has declared that it will release a software update to address it. A user noticed in the last few hours that the Studio Display software isn’t as customized as we assumed and that it’s actually running the full-fledged iOS 15.4 software, which is also available on the new iPhone SE 2022 smartphone and other devices.

Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4

Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4

Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4

Daring Fireball uncovered (via MacRumors) that the new Apple Studio Display runs full-fledged iOS 15.4, which is also featured on the iPhone 13 series and the just-announced iPhone SE 2022. John Gruber discovered that the software version is 15.4 when he went into the Graphics and Display settings (Build 19E241). “That’s iOS 15.4 down to the build number – 19E241 is the same version number as iOS 15.4 and iPad 15.4,” he explains.

The Studio Display’s software may be seen in System Information under “Graphics/Displays,” where it runs “Version 15.4 (Build 19E241).” The Studio Display’s build number is the same as iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4, showing that it runs the complete version of iOS.

The Studio Display uses an A13 Bionic chip to support its 12-megapixel Ultra Wide front-facing camera with Center Stage and six-speaker sound system with Spatial Audio, which is the same chip found in the iPhone 11 series, 2020 iPhone SE, and ninth-generation iPad. Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4While the A13 chip indicated that the display ran a version of existing Apple software, similar to how the HomePod and HomePod small run a version of tvOS, the device’s specific software was unclear until recently.

Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4

Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4

The Apple Studio Display, for those who aren’t aware, is powered by the Apple A13 Bionic technology, Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4 which also powers the iPhone 11 series of handsets. It was unexpected to see Apple utilize a prior smartphone flagship processor in a monitor, Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4 but it made sense because it has the capacity to analyze high-quality footage and is also used to power Center Stage and other cameras and display features.

The first reviews of the Studio Display were posted yesterday, and one of the most prominent complaints among reviewers was that the built-in webcam’s image quality ranged from “ancient BlackBerry” to “terrible” in their hands-on testing. Gruber claimed the camera is “crushingly disappointing” and “astonishingly awful,” with the image being “horrible” and Center Stage being “glitchy” in his extensive analysis of the Studio Display.

Even without harsh sunlight, all images from the Studio Display camera, in all lighting conditions, are grainy, lacking in contrast, and make skin tones look cadaveric.

How can the image quality from the camera on a $1600 display be so much worse — laughably worse — than the image quality from a $600 iPad Air that uses the exact same camera hardware? Let alone compare it to the front-facing camera on the $430 iPhone SE, which makes the Studio Display camera look like a toy. And we waited years for Apple to ship this display.

Again, it’s usable. All sorts of people use way worse cameras for videoconferencing every day. But this image quality is embarrassing from a company that considers itself the leading camera company in the world… I expected to be impressed by the Studio Display camera. Instead, Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4 I’m baffled. I don’t understand how this shipped.


It gets even worse. The Center Stage feature on the Studio Display should be called Off-Center Stage. Move around a bit or turn your head to the side and you get framed off to the side, even though you’re sitting directly in front of the center of the display. Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4 It takes up to 5 seconds for Center Stage to catch up and re-center you in the frame, which it does slowly and sheepishly, as though it’s embarrassing.

Apple said it “found an issue where the system is not performing as planned” and that it will “improve the system in a software update.” Apple did not say what “improvements” will be made, and no date for the upgrade was given. Gruber came to the following conclusion:

The Off-Center Stage thing is obviously a bug, and I expect that to be fixed. The overall image quality, I’ll bet, can and will be improved to some degree via software updates, but I’ll be surprised — happily surprised, but surprised — if a software update can turn this camera into something Apple should be proud of. Maybe, though, given that it’s the same camera hardware as the front-facing camera on the new iPad Air and last year’s iPad Pros. But I’m not holding my breath.

Apple’s anticipated update to increase the quality of the webcam will surely come as part of an iOS update now Apple Studio Display is running iOS 15.4 that the Studio Display runs iOS. Other details concerning how software upgrades for the Studio Display function are unknown at this time.

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