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How to set up your Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID 2022 Free



Medical ID for Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID gives you access to vital information about yourself and your health. Anyone with physical access to the device can learn about your health conditions and call your emergency contacts once you set up your Medical ID and enable it to appear on the Lock Screen.

This guide will show you how to create your Medical ID on your iPhone and how to access it from the Lock Screen for you or anybody else.

How to set up your Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID

How to set up your Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID

How to set up your Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID

1: About Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID

Others are always the victims of accidents. That is, at least, what we tend to believe. Apart from being essentially incorrect, believing you’re less likely to be involved in an accident than the person sitting next to you can be harmful, because it leaves you unprepared in the event of an accident.

There aren’t many things you can do right now to be prepared in case something happens to you, but there is one thing you can do right now, straight from your iPhone, and it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

The Health app was launched in iOS 8, and it allows you to create a Medical ID that can be accessed by anyone from your device’s Lock Screen.

2: Importance of Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID

Consider the following scenario.

Assume you’re riding your bike and experiencing an awful accident. You’ve already lost a significant amount of blood by the time the ambulance arrives. A blood transfusion may save your life, but doctors must first determine your blood type. They can immediately find out, presuming you filled it out, thanks to Medical ID, simply by having access to your Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID Lock Screen. This has the potential to save your life.

Medical identification is useful for more than just displaying your blood type. It can also be used to display information about known medical issues and allergies, which is useful information.


Furthermore, any close stranger can view your emergency contacts, such as your spouse, children, parents, friends, and so on, and phone them to inform them of the problem.

Overall, a Medical ID is a wonderful feature that you should install on your iPhone and maintain up to date.

3: How to create your Medical ID on iPhone and Apple Watch

Here’s how to set up your Medical ID:

1: Open the Health app, and tap Medical ID > Get Started. You can also open the Health app > tap the profile picture icon from the top right > Medical ID.

2: Enter your details such as medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medications, blood type, weight, height, language, and your emergency contacts.

3: To ensure that someone else can access it from the Lock Screen, enable Show When Locked.

4: To have your Medical ID automatically shared with emergency responders when you call or text emergency services, enable Share During Emergency Call.


5: Tap Done to save your Medical ID.

This information is synchronized and reflected on your Apple Watch after you set up your Medical ID on your iPhone. Adding your Medical ID to Apple Watch requires no additional actions.

4: How to edit or remove your Medical ID records on iPhone

Down the line, if you want to update your allergies, medical conditions, or emergency contacts, here’s how to change your Medical ID information:

1: Go to the Medical ID section inside the Health app > your profile picture > Medical ID.

2: Tap Edit.

3: Tap the field you want to change and add the updated information.

4: For removing an emergency contact, tap the red minus button > Delete. To add one, tap adds an emergency contact.


5: Tap Delete Medical ID if you want to remove it.

6: Finally, tap Done to save the changes you make.

5: How to see your or someone else’s Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID Lock Screen

On an unlocked Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID, hit the Health app icon and select Medical ID from the drop-down menu. You can also navigate to your profile photo > Medical ID from within the Health app.

Let’s say you come across a person who is hurt on the street or in a public place. You can call their family member immediately from the Lock Screen by accessing that person’s Medical ID in this case. In addition, a doctor or first responder can learn about the injured person’s medical conditions, blood type, allergies, and other pertinent information.

On an iPhone, there are two ways to see someone’s medical ID:

While powering off

1: Go to the power off-screen:

On iPhone without Face ID, press and hold the right side button until you see the power off screen.On iPhone with Face ID, press and hold the right side button and volume up or volume down button.


2: From the power off screen, swipe right on Medical ID.

 the Emergency button

1: Go to the enter iPhone passcode screen:

On Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID with a Home button, press the home button. Since this isn’t your iPhone, Touch ID will fail and show you the screen to manually enter the passcode.
On Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID with no Home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Since this isn’t your iPhone, Face ID won’t unlock the device, and after a few seconds of the failed attempt, it’ll show the screen to enter the passcode manually.
2: Tap Emergency.

3: Tap Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID to see the person’s health details and emergency contacts.

How to see Medical ID on Apple Watch

1) Press and hold the flat side button on the right edge of the Apple Watch to see the power off-screen.

2) Slide the Medical ID button to the right to access emergency contacts and health details.

Note: If you have a passcode-protected iPhone, you can tap the emergency contact’s phone number on the Medical ID screen to call them. However, I discovered that touching the name or number on the Medical ID screen on an Apple Watch that is locked by a passcode does not initiate a regular or FaceTime audio call from the watch. In this instance, you can call the person’s emergency contacts using their iPhone, or you can view the emergency contact’s number on their Apple Watch and call them using your phone.


I hope you now know how to set up Medical ID on a locked Apple Watch and iPhone Medical ID and see it.

Everyone, whether they use iOS or Android, should know how to access Medical ID. When you understand this, you may be a huge help to someone who requires rapid medical attention.

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