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Apple Watch Series 8 to Include ‘Major Activity Tracking Updates’ Free



The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to include significant new activity-tracking features, but no new health sensors, such as a body temperature sensor. At the same time, the Cupertino tech behemoth could phase out the Apple Watch Series 3 in favor of three new models set to debut in 2022.

According to well-connected Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, this year’s Apple Watch Series 8 will have big enhancements in the field of activity monitoring as well as a speedier CPU that will power all of Apple’s wearable models in a new-look lineup.

Apple Watch Series 8 to Include ‘Major Activity Tracking Updates’

Apple Watch Series 8 to Include 'Major Activity Tracking Updates'

Apple Watch Series 8 to Include ‘Major Activity Tracking Updates’ Free

In 2022, Apple is expected to release three new Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Series 8, an improved Apple Watch SE, and a new smartwatch product in the shape of a robust Apple Watch designed for extreme sports.

In the current edition of his Bloomberg Power On newsletter, Apple reporter Mark Gurman predicted that the next Apple Watch update will include a trio of new models with speedier CPUs and new activity-tracking functions. Apple may retire the Apple Watch Series 3 as the current entry-level choice when the new versions appear this fall.

Despite the possibility that Apple will not launch any major new health sensors this time around, Gurman says the three new models might make this year “the biggest in the history of the Apple Watch since the first model” in the current issue of his “Power On” newsletter. Gurman:

I think this year will be the biggest in the history of the Apple Watch since the original model. I’m looking for three new models this fall: an Apple Watch Series 8, an Apple Watch SE, and an Apple Watch geared toward extreme sports. I wouldn’t expect any major new health sensors this year, besides the possible inclusion of the oft-discussed body temperature feature. But look out for major updates to activity tracking and faster chips across the board.

Apple is rumored to be working on body temperature, blood pressure, and blood sugar sensors for future Apple Watch models, although these capabilities aren’t expected any time soon, with the exception of a body temperature sensor in the Series 8.

In 2022, the Apple Watch SE will be upgraded.

Apple has positioned the Apple Watch SE as the finest value for money wristwatch for people searching for a low-cost option. It hasn’t received any improvements since its launch in September 2020, thus it’s fantastic that an Apple Watch SE successor will be released this year. Gurman made no predictions about the forthcoming Apple Watch SE’s features. He did say, though, that the existing Apple Watch Series 3 “may finally be decommissioned,” which is understandable considering its aging technology.


According to Gurman, Apple will also retire the Apple Watch Series 3, which has been on the market since 2017 and is now positioned as a more cheap alternative to the newer series.

The Apple Watch Series 8’s design is unknown, however, it could resemble the Apple Watch Series 7, given Apple only raised the display size with the Series 7 devices, and Apple normally keeps with a display size for a couple of years.

However, this isn’t a foregone outcome. Multiple speculations stated Apple was working on a revamped design with flat edges, comparable to the flat sides of the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro, prior to the announcement of the Apple Watch Series 7. That didn’t happen, but given the number of rumors that Apple was working on a design like this, it might yet happen, albeit for the Series 8 rather than the Series 7.

It’s past time for a tough Apple Watch, as we stated in a recent op-ed. Such a gadget would expand Apple’s addressable market while also allowing it to compete in that area with rugged solutions from companies like Garmin, Casio, and others. The greatest robust cases for the Apple Watch Series 6 can be found here.

According to other speculations, display analyst Ross Young believes the Apple Watch Series 8 will arrive in three sizes rather than two, with Apple introducing a bigger size to join the 41mm and 45mm models.

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