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CoolStar jailbreak on iOS 15 says A12 and newer devices will be trickier 2022 Free



Today share, CoolStar jailbreak The Odyssey Team has been looking into the viability of the new iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 kernel exploit for an upcoming semi-untethered jailbreak tool, and many would-be jailbreakers are eager to see what happens next.

CoolStar jailbreak on iOS 15 says A12 and newer devices will be trickier

CoolStar jailbreak

CoolStar jailbreak on iOS 15 says A12 and newer devices will be trickier

Many people are concerned about upgrading to iOS & iPadOS 15.1 or 15.1.1 using the DelayOTA and future restore techniques, despite the fact that these firmware versions are no longer officially signed by Apple. These users are effectively stranded and waiting for a new jailbreak to emerge.

Odyssey Team head developer CoolStar gave some insight into the topic in a series of Tweets this week, and it may surprise you.

If you wish to jailbreak an A9, A10, or A11-equipped device on iOS or iPadOS 15, there’s good news: it appears that, aside from switching to a rootless bootstrap, jailbreaking these devices will be rather simple.

However, if you’re running iOS or iPadOS 15 on an A12 or newer device, things could get a little more complicated.

According to CoolStar, jailbreak developers may need to write new approaches — that is, the method of attack — for every version of iOS or iPadOS that the jailbreak aims to support due to modifications made by Apple, likely to target app-based jailbreaks like Taurine and unc0ver.

While this does not mean that iOS & iPadOS 15 will be jailbreak able on A12 and newer devices, it does mean that jailbreak developers will have to work harder to keep jailbreaks for these devices updated when fresh iOS & iPadOS exploits become available. Obviously, this presents its own set of issues, given the recent scarcity of exploits and security mechanism bypasses.

Jailbreakers are no strangers to Apple’s never-ending cat-and-mouse game with jailbreaking, but Apple’s efforts to crack down on jailbreaking appear to have stepped up in recent years, particularly with regard to current devices running newer firmware.


Even the checkra1n jailbreak is experiencing turbulence in its upgrade for iOS & iPadOS 15, as Apple’s secure system volume (SSV) security necessitates the use of new approaches to minimize interruption. However, this has no effect on the unpatched checkm8 hardware-based bootrom exploit, which is still active on iOS and iPadOS 15.

It, while iOS & iPadOS 15 appear to have made things more difficult, this isn’t the first time Apple has done so. Year single year, Apple seems to make things more difficult, yet the community continues to triumph.

It’ll be interesting to observe how the new iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1 exploit develops, especially when additional players join the fray.

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