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How to Update AirTag Software



Today I am sharing How to Update AirTag Software AirTag has undergone two firmware updates since its launch in April 2021: one in July and the other in August. Has your AirTag, on the other hand, been informed of these changes? Unfortunately, updating to the latest firmware is not as simple as pressing a button.

It is, in some ways, much simpler. Confused? Don’t worry; we’ve put together an in-depth explanation of how to download the most recent AirTag firmware update. But first, let’s look at the capabilities.

Learn How to Update AirTag Software to acquire the most recent features and fixes, as well as how to check its firmware version and see what’s new.

How to Update AirTag Software

How to Update AirTag Software

How to Update AirTag Software

AirTag upgrades that are hidden

The Find My app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac can be used to manage non-Apple accessories that support Apple’s Find My network. This includes the ability to manually update the software on a compatible third-party device by selecting it from the “Items” tab of the Find My app. You’ll notice a “Update Available” button if new software is available. If you don’t see the button, the item is up to date, thus tapping it forces a manual update outside of the typical schedule for automated updates. Interestingly, the Find My app does not support downloading and installing firmware upgrades for the AirTag.

Features to expect: Shh! It’s a secret

The most recent version of AirTag firmware is 1.0.3011, with the build number 1A301. However, Apple has been tight-lipped about the changes in the firmware, so we may have to weather the storm before we learn more.

The anti-stalking feature had various improvements in previous versions. Additionally, Apple is developing an Android app to assist users in detecting a nearby AirTag. As a result, the general assumption in town is that the firmware contains some similar secrets concealed beneath its hood.

Enough conjecture! Let’s have a look at whatever firmware you have and how to update it.

How to Update AirTag Software on your AirTag?

How to Update AirTag Software

How to Update AirTag Software

When the following criteria are met, the iOS operating system automatically downloads and installs AirTag software updates:

1: Your AirTag is in the Bluetooth range of its connected iPhone.
2:  The connected iPhone is running iOS 14.5 or later.


There’s no way to force an upgrade of the software that powers your AirTag manually, and Apple makes it clear. “While your AirTag is in Bluetooth range of your iPhone, firmware updates are provided periodically,” Apple says.

How to get the latest AirTag firmware?


You don’t get an updated menu to oversee the download process as you do with AirPods firmware upgrades. Everything is done automatically over the air using your associated iPhone.

There is one thing you can do, though: take the AirTags out of your backpack, wallet, or other places and leave them near your iPhone for a while. The firmware update usually takes 15-20 minutes.

There are no guarantees or shortcuts to speed up the procedure. As a result, you may need to be patient and keep trying until you succeed.

Apple is intelligent and insightful with its OS and devices most of the time, and I like it for it. But there are moments when the IT behemoth falls short. Why can’t we force an update or at the very least be notified when one is available?

What are your opinions on the subject? Do you believe Apple should add this functionality to AirTags? Please let me know in the comments area.


If your AirTag is current, don’t be concerned.

It would have been good if Apple had supplied us with a visual interface for How to Update AirTag Software. Most people, on the other hand, will welcome not having to manually update their AirTags. However, it would be wonderful if there was some kind of user interface that would inform the user not only that a new AirTag update is available, but also list the changes and ask for permission before installing it. Bottom line: Don’t worry about AirTag software updates; Apple will release them automatically when they’re ready. Please subscribe to iDownloadBlog to stay up to date on Apple news and to learn about any How to Update AirTag Software for your AirTag.

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