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iOS 15.4 shows Face ID is here to stay no need to touch id



Today share iOS 15.4 shows Face ID Apple may never use the Touch ID sensor on its flagship iPhones again, but speculation about this possibility has grown since the pandemic began more than two years ago. Now, with iOS 15.4 likely to be released in a few weeks, Apple demonstrates how it may continue to focus on Face ID indefinitely.

iOS 15.4 shows Face ID is here to stay no need to touch id

iOS 15.4 shows Face ID is here to stay no need to touch id

Don’t get me wrong: Touch ID was a game-changing feature when it debuted with the iPhone 5s: it was fast, secure, and simple to use. However, when Apple introduced Face ID with the iPhone X, everything changed.

Apple claimed to be two years ahead of the competition at the time, but five years later, it appears that Apple is still at least a decade ahead of its competitors when it comes to facial recognition.

Sure, the inbuilt fingerprint sensor has improved, but staring at your device is still the easiest – and safest – way to unlock it. And, after a long wait, Apple has finally released a simple workaround that restores the use of Face ID with eye recognition.

It’s strange to consider that, while iOS 14.5 was a huge upgrade for iPhone owners since it added the option to unlock the iPhone with the Apple Watch, it’s now releasing an important software feature in the middle of the year. Users of this forthcoming operating system will be able to unlock their iPhones while wearing a mask, eliminating the requirement for an Apple Watch or other gadget in addition to the iPhone.

The TrueDepth system seeks to “recognize the distinctive features around the eye to authenticate” your face, according to Apple. The TrueDepth technology recognizes that someone is wearing a mask and that the Apple Watch is nearby while using the Apple Watch unlock feature, and the iPhone is unlocked as a result. Because it only detects a mask and not a person, you couldn’t use Apple Pay or authorize third-party apps earlier.

Face ID with a mask works and it’s great

Now that iOS 15.4 beta is out, I’m excited to utilize Face ID on the street once more. I have no trouble using my email app, WhatsApp, or other apps that require facial recognition. Not only that, but I can use my phone to pay with Apple Pay once more.


Of course, in an ideal world, Apple would still advocate using complete facial recognition, but since we still have to wear masks everywhere, having the TrueDepth technology scan your eyes is quite useful.

I’ve been testing this feature for a couple of weeks now, and the new Face ID function is still as reliable as ever. My iPhone cannot be unlocked by accident, and the TrueDepth system usually identifies my eyes quickly.

It appears that Apple has finally figured out how to deal with Face ID and masks.

I’m confident the Touch ID rumors will die out. Despite reports that Apple tried an inbuilt fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 13, I believe Face ID is one of the features that distinguishes Apple from its competition.

Furthermore, the business continues to work on Face ID recognition. According to iPhone 14 rumors, Apple is designing a new notch that will conceal some TrueDepth sensors. It illustrates, in my opinion, that Apple is upgrading its facial recognition system, which is the sole way for iPhone owners to safely unlock, pay, and keep data on their handsets.

Users who don’t like to upgrade their iPhones with beta versions will see how much this operating system makes our everyday actions seamless again once iOS 15.4 is launched in a few weeks since we won’t have to worry about unlocking our iPhones as quickly as we used to.

Is there still a chance for Apple to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone? Let us know what you think in the comments area below.


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