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All the New iOS 16 Features: Lock Screen-Widgets-Gallery Etc



At the opening keynote of WWDC 2022, Apple formally unveiled iOS 16 Features, the newest version of the iOS operating system. With improvements to the lock screen, system apps, customization choices, new developer APIs, and of course, privacy enhancements, iOS 16 is still a nice upgrade even though it doesn’t include a significant overhaul. Let’s look at every new feature in iOS 16 now.

All the New iOS 16 Features: Lock Screen-Widgets-Gallery Etc

All the New iOS 16 Features

i All the New iOS 16 Features

1: Personalized Lock Screen Experience

Apple finally updates the iPhone’s antiquated lock screen design. A new Lock Screen experience with a multilayered look is available in iOS 16. The lock screen photo’s primary subject is tastefully positioned in front of the time. The final results provide a better appearance with more depth.

2: Lock Screen Customization

This is directly from the Material You implementation from Google. To play with various clock styles, colors, fonts, backgrounds, and other options, users can press and hold the lock screen, pick customize at the bottom, and enter the editor menu.

3: Widgets for Lock Screen

On the iPhone lock screen, widgets may be accessed with a swipe, but iOS 16 offers a new class of tiny widgets made expressly to be placed there.

Right from the lock screen, you may check the weather, next calendar event, alarm information, remaining battery life of linked devices, and more. For developers to create lock screen widgets in iOS 16, Apple has introduced Widgetkit.

4: Lock Screen Gallery

Your iPhone’s lock screen can now include a whole gallery of images. A few of the default image collections are the Weather wallpaper, which displays the current weather, the Astronomy wallpaper, which displays the Earth, moon, and solar system, and the Pride and Unity wallpaper, which commemorates significant cultural events, and others.

Users can also create unique lock screens by combining their favorite emojis and colors.

5: Redesigned Notifications

Notification alerts now come from the bottom thanks to a makeover by Apple. Users will have a better view of their customized Lock Screen thanks to this.


6: Live Activities

For keeping score, you no longer need to use your preferred sports app. Users who use Live Activities will be able to track real-time events like sports games, Uber arrival times, food delivery requests, workout progress, and more. It will be interesting to see how programmers use the Live Activities APIs in iOS 16 to come up with fresh concepts.

7: Focus Filters

Focus mode now includes additional features to use your customized lock screen, which were first introduced with the iOS 15 upgrade last year. Now, you can associate a Focus with a lock screen background and widgets.

Simply slide up from the lock screen to check only relevant material using Focus filters in supported apps including Calendar, Mail, Messages, and Safari. For instance, you can configure Safari to show work tabs in a certain Focus.

8: iCloud Shared Photo Library

With better implementation, this is Apple’s take on Google Photos Partner Sharing. Up to six individuals may share a unique iCloud library that you build. Users have the option to share already-existing images from their personal collections, as well as photos depending on the start date or the subjects. Using a new toggle in the Camera app, a user can also decide whether or not to automatically submit pictures to the Shared Library.

Additionally, the Photographs app will recommend sharing particular photos in the Shared Photo Library.

9: Edit Text Messages

Your iMessage chat no longer requires you to correct your errors. In iOS 16, editing sent messages is simple.

10: SharePlay in Messages

SharePlay is being extended by Apple from FaceTime to Messages. Now, while conversing in Messages, you can enjoy synced material such as Ted Lasso TV shows, movies, or songs as well as shared playback controls.


Update to iOS 16 seems thrilling, yes? You may download and install the iOS 16 beta right away on an iPhone that is compatible if you don’t want to wait for the public beta to launch next month.

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